Real Work Opportunities

restarting lives

workRestart is a not-for-profit social enterprise that aims to

empower people with an experience of incarceration to re-start

their lives and positively contribute to the community they live in.


We do this by:

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Collaborating with our business and social enterprise partners to place ‘business behind bars’ to develop skills and real-world work experience on the ‘inside’.

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Establishing social enterprises and connections to businesses with our partners that provide ‘next day out’ employment opportunities.

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Co-creating enriching experiences for incarcerated people by helping them identify their potential.

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Harnessing ‘double impact’ by establishing enterprises that serve our community in diverse areas of need.

All profits are reinvested into supporting social enterprises that employ people on their release.

The real-world jobs provide a pathway that prepares incarcerated people for a new life upon release.  Our aim is to improve prisoners’ chances of securing stable employment, significantly reducing the rate of re-offending and helping to build a safer community.




10% - 25%

Almost half the people released from prison will be back within two years

Our impact from 10% - 25% depending on the program working with 350 people per year


Our team is dedicated to empowering ex-offenders to restart their lives through employment and education.

We do this in three main areas:


Interested to move a section of your organisation 'inside'?  

We'll work with you to match your needs to your 'inside' workforce.

You provide on the job training and real-world work experience to the people in your team.

What would make you a good fit?

  • Having a social focus as part of your business

  • Sourcing non-time critical /non-urgent work you can move onsite

  • Ability to work with us to develop training and up-skilling for your team

  • Willingness to look at employing people in your team once released


How it works:

workRestart engages and supports all our businesses operating behind bars.


Work with you to understand your business needs


Review your business to ensure suitability


Help you get started with us & Queensland Corrective Services


Assist with workspace layout and process documentation


Help you select your prisoner workforce


Support your ongoing needs

"I'd never heard that I was good at something before" (R.C.)


"It's like there's a light at the end of the tunnel for me. I can see there are other options available to me" (M.Y)


I've just applied for a job, the interview was a bit scary, but I've got the job. I can't believe it."  (D.M.)


Need more details? Contact us. Our team is dedicated to empowering people with an experience of incarceration to restart their lives

Thanks! Message sent.

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