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workRestart empowers people leaving prison to restart their lives and positively contribute to their community.

We harness the power of industry to deliver social and economic benefits.

In Australia, more than half the people in prison today
will return to the system within two years.

workRestart exists to break this cycle. 

We work inside and outside, delivering scalable industry and career development programs that generate significant social change. 

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Here to support returning citizens (prison leavers) as you settle in to life on the outside. 

Connect with us to find a job and restart your life. 

Construction Workers

Expand your workforce with skilled and willing workers who are ready to restart their lives.

An judge taking notes

Embed rehabilitative programs into daily work, scale up industry programs and explore remand-to-reintegration solutions.

Businesswoman on Phone

We welcome connections with those who believe in the power of work to restart lives. 


The average Australian average recidivism rate is 46%.

Less than 25% of those in workRestart programs have reoffended.

workRestart delivers measurable social impact and an opportunity to reduce the current $4 billion cost of incarceration in Australia.

That's a 45% reduction in recidivism across the
current cohort of more than 500 participants. 


Our outcomes are even more powerful.

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“I have enjoyed the chance to learn new skills and better myself as a person which hopefully will make me more likely to be a positive, contributing member of society”

“It has shown me that I can stay employed and I hope to be employed when I get out and hold a job.

It has helped me out in so many ways I can’t thank you enough.”

“I have gained a vast amount of new skills and confidence. 


I feel like I will be more ready to re-enter the workforce and have new skills.”

Leaders in
best practice integration at scale

workRestart is leading the evolution of prison industries and scalable work rehabilitation. 

Transform traditional industry operations into integrated partnerships that deliver economic and social benefits for all. 

Supported by impactful partners.

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Join us as we harness the
power of work to restart lives

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