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Government Advisory and Corrective Services

workRestart provides a range of advisory services to government, corrective services departments and associated providers. 

As leaders in best practice reintegration at scale, workRestart moves beyond traditional industry operations and delivers a range of innovative programs that harness the power of industry to benefit business, government and community.

If you'd like to explore how workRestart can help rehabilitate your cohort, connect you to industry or revolutionise your work programs, please get in touch.

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Real work on the inside

We bring business behind bars to give serving prisoners real world work experience and the opportunity to learn new skills and plan a new future.


Our unique programs have been designed to be delivered effectively at scale and across broad cohorts to maximise partnership outcomes. 

We have construction partnerships that have delivered over 2 million lineal metres of steel framing and more than 200 personal references provided for prison leavers. 

In workRestart programs, entrepreneurial spirit comes alive on the inside through partnerships with local entrepreneurs and social enterprises across light manufacturing, production, industrial sewing and more.


This work experience combined with our unique Pivot entrepreneurial program helps prisoners learn how to run a business and create self-made employment opportunities on leaving prison.

workRestart provides training, coaching and education through a range of proven, industry-leading programs. Participants develop technical, hard and soft skills all underpinned by our self-determination theory of change. 

Support on the outside

As experienced leaders in reintegration, 
workRestart's innovative Inside | Outside 
model ensures the guidance we provide inside prepares participants for a new life and career opportunities upon release.

Participants have access to the workRestart network and support systems from the day of release until they're settled and confident in their new role. 

From career coaching to job readiness, interview preparation and working as part of a team, workRestart equips participants with the tools and support they need to succeed. 

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Career Development Programs

The workRestart Career Development Program provides career guidance and support to serving and former prisoners.

With workRestart on the inside, serving prisoners can explore their potential and set goals for their re-entry to the workforce.  They receive training, assistance to plan their transition out and into employment and advice on accessing services upon leaving prison. 


Where possible we connect them to potential employers before they leave to help set them up for success.


Upon discharge, those from workRestart programs are connected to our Second Chance employer network and employment services providers. 


We assist them to move into meaningful, stable employment and become actively engaged in their community.

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