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For Employers

workRestart pairs willing workers with supportive employers, harnessing the power of business to deliver social and economic benefits for all.

Australia's current skills shortages and challenging labour market presents an opportunity for businesses to bolster their workforce with skilled workers ready to  restart their lives.  

Securing stable employment significantly reduces reoffending rates and gives those with experience of incarceration an opportunity for a second chance.

Expand your workforce
with skilled and willing workers

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Second Chance
Partners Program

workRestart's unique Inside | Outside model means we're working with teams on the inside long before they transition to work on the outside.


The real-world jobs and experience we build inside provide a pathway that prepares incarcerated people for a new life upon release.

We identify the skills, abilities and aspirations of those ready and willing to step into employment and introduce them to prospective employers with the goal of securing employment. 

We support both employer and employee through their second chance experience, with the aim of forming successful long-term partnerships. 

Bring your business behind bars

Bringing your business behind bars presents opportunities to:

  • Reduce your labour and overhead costs

  • Directly contribute to restarting lives

  • Access a reliable workforce

  • Reach your social responsibility objectives


We'll work with you to match your needs to a serving prisoner team.

Businesses who benefit from bringing work inside generally have:

  • a social or impact-driven focus

  • non-urgent work that can be done inside

  • the capacity to work with us to develop training and up-skilling for the prisoner team

  • a willingness to employ prison leavers in their business on the outside

If you'd like to explore working on the inside please get in touch.

Sewing Machine

Supporting business behind bars and second chances:


Get in touch

workRestart has skilled and willing workers ready to join your team and restart their lives today.

Thanks for for your enquiry! We'll be in touch.
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