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Our Impact

In Australia, around 5,000 people leave prison every quarter. 

Six months on, more than 3,000 of those people are still unemployed. 

2,500 will return to prison within two years. 

The social and economic costs of recidivism are enormous. 

We're proud of our impact and humbled by our outcomes. 

workRestart is driven by impact to generate significant social change. 

Our innovative Inside | Outside model is proven to reduce recidivism by embedding rehabilitative programs into daily work life inside and providing employment and reintegration support on the outside. 


Importantly, workRestart programs are designed to be delivered flexibly with the capacity to scale across large cohorts to maximise impact and minimise recidivism. 

Social Impact

workRestart has provided employment for over 500 serving prisoners across construction, light manufacturing, industrial sewing and graphic design. 

A significant number of people we work with on the inside have gone on to private sector jobs through collaborative partnerships with businesses and social enterprises. 

Less than 25% of those in our programs have reoffended representing a 45% reduction on the national average. 

Carpenter Leaning on Piece of Wood
Financial Report

Economic Impact

workRestart's unique Inside | Outside model delivers an exceptional return on investment, providing significant operational cost savings for corrective services and reductions in future incarceration costs. 

For an assessment of economic impact for your corrective services program or facility, please get in touch

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